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The Most Engaged Users Will Appreciate Your Brand

The world’s largest brands rely on MediaBrix to understand and approach consumers in ways that digital advertising has never been able to offer – in an emotional and contextual way. MediaBrix provides the technology and products to deliver contextually relevant and additive brand opportunities during your consumer’s app journey. Regardless of your objective, users are proven to be more receptive and appreciate your brand’s participation.

Product Suite


Keep going! Bring it on. Rally allows for
brands to motivate users to keep going.


Great job! Reward allows brands to congratulate
users on any specific achievements.


Need help? Brands can save users in any
virtual moments of need with Rescue.

Premium Apps

MediaBrix + DiGiornio Case Study

DiGiornio’s “Design – a – Pizza” product launch was a new concept in the store-bought frozen pizza aisle; allowing consumers to make a pizza the way they like it. We wanted to recreate that experience in a creative and interactive way, allowing DiGiornio to not only tell consumers about all of the topping options but also allowing consumers to digitally create their favorite pizza.

We leveraged “Rally,” “Rescue,” and “Reward” from our Emotional Product Suite, which creates a custom mobile app experience to wrap the brand around three emotionally charged moments. In those three key moments, we can understand  a user’s goals, hurdles and emotions, and therefore deliver immediate reward, relief, and encouragement alongside the DiGiorno brand.



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