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About MediaBrix

In May 2011, Ari Brandt and Jay Drago co-founded MediaBrix to offer Fortune 500 brand marketers the best advertising creative pallet found on social and mobile platforms. Today, MediaBrix powers the industry’s leading advertising platform for social and mobile games. Through a suite of proprietary products and analytics, the company delivers immersive brand messages during breakthrough moments (BTMs) within games when people are most receptive to marketing messages. Our ads elicit positive emotions by rewarding users and enhancing the user experience during gameplay. As a result, people appreciate the brand’s participation and they develop an emotional connection to the brand. MediaBrix’s campaigns routinely see average video completion rates 84x the industry average, a 500% lift in brand awareness compared to online normative averages and engagement rates as much as 2000% higher than other forms of digital advertising.

Hundreds of top brands including Coca-Cola, MTV and T-Mobile, and many of the world’s largest game developers leverage the MediaBrix platform to provide over 500 million user-friendly BTMs to more than 200 million people each month.

MediaBrix is based in New York with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago.