Unlock Emotional Moments.
Increase Revenue and User Retention.

The Best Ads for the Best Apps

MediaBrix works with app and game developers by bridging premium brands, and the dollars that go with them. We create the best user experience: increasing user time spent by rewarding users with in-app currency or consumables, decreasing user fatigue and allowing your user to decide the engagement. We put the user first and developers benefit in big ways with higher CPMs and the best user retention rates in the market. Working with MediaBrix is easy. Our product suite includes three scalable products that do not require changes to the UI and utilizes contextually relevant messaging and your app assets to make the advertising feel native and relevant for your user. You can choose to run all three of our products or just those that make the most sense for your environment.

  • Built in HTML 5
  • No UI changes required
  • Inline video or static ad, not full screen, auto rotate
  • Keeps users in-app by rewarding in-app currency or consumables
  • Value exchange, opt-in video ad that “rescues” or “rewards” users at moments of need or achievement

Product Suite


Keep going! Bring it on. Rally allows for
brands to motivate users to keep going.


Great job! Reward allows brands to congratulate
users on any specific achievements.


Need help? Brands can save users in any
virtual moments of need with Rescue.

Only the Top Brands

We publish games based on Hollywood’s biggest films. These films command the highest profile brands, which MediaBrix delivers through seamless advertising that our players love.

Sam Glassenberg, CEO, Funtactix

Working with MediaBrix gives our games access to the some of the world’s biggest brands — brands that gamers care about. We combine the power of those brands with MediaBrix platform to offer our players immediate rewards for their success in our games. If our players are winning, so are we.

Lyle Hall, CEO, Heavy Iron

MediaBrix delivers high-quality ads from recognized international consumer brands that our players respect. The MediaBrix team also worked closely with us to develop an understanding of our game and offered us clear-headed advice about optimizing ad placement in our flow.

Matt Small, CEO, Vector Unit