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Transforming the way brands engage their prospects through the world of social and mobile gaming by implementing Breakthrough Moments technology

MediaBrix powers a world class ad platform for social and mobile games — offering a suite of proprietary advertising products and analytics that deliver immersive brand messages during Breakthrough Moments (BTMs) experiences.

MediaBrix helps Fortune 500 marketers elicit positive emotions and lasting impressions. Through a suite of products that include video, social sharing and other interactive features, we deliver immersive brand messages during BTMs within games – when the audience is most receptive. The audience appreciates the brand’s participation and campaigns routinely see 500% brand awareness lifts and average video completion rates 84x the industry average. MediaBrix offers both consumers and developers the best user experience in the industry. As a result, hundreds of top brands including Coca-Cola, MTV and T-Mobile, and many of the world’s largest game developers leverage the MediaBrix platform to provide over 500 million user-friendly Breakthrough Moments experiences to more than 200 million people each month.

Across devices and platforms, social gaming represents the new golden era of captive and engaged users, spanning generations and touching people from all walks of life. Not since television has there been a better way to build a relationship with a target audience. Currently, half of the U.S. population between the ages of 18 to 44 plays social games daily, not to mention older adults also are embracing casual gaming. Facebook users spend more than half of their time using apps and playing social games; by 2014, 50% of social network users and 34% of internet users in the U.S. will play social games.


The best brand-response advertising unit delivered during congratulatory moments


The ultimate solution for value exchange video ads offered during moments of rescue


The engagement unit that rewards a user during moments of highest achievement


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