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Do you want to conquer your online share, but have no idea where to start? I help entrepreneurs like you create an online marketing strategy. Usually with a basis in search engine optimization, but always tuned to your business. 
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Why online marketing?

You really can't avoid it now. Online marketing. The digital world is developing very fast and if your company doesn't keep up with it, it can be disastrous for your business.

But what are the real benefits?
Cheaper than traditional marketing
Potentially a much wider reach than traditional marketing
Specific targeting aimed at your audience
Enormous exponential growth potential
Mediabrix goes further than standard online marketing

More than just online marketing

I believe that online marketing is more than just a good ad campaign, a high score in Google or a large reach on social media. That's why I like to support you in your entire online story. From design to strategy.

A strategy that suits you

Every company, every niche and every entrepreneur is different. That's why we'll work together to see which channels suit you and your target group.

A super fast website

Whatever strategy we choose, your website is the focal point. It has to fit you and be fast. I'd love to develop one for you!

Corporate identity development

A good look is crucial for a successful online marketing strategy. I'm happy to help you choose an appropriate style.

How to choose an online marketing strategy

And now to grow, but how?
To build your strategy and conquer your online share, we first need answers to 4 'simple' questions. 
What is your story, what makes your company unique?
Who is your target group, what moves them?
How is your business doing online right now?
Where do you want to go with your company, what are your ambitions?
Based on this situation sketch, we create your online story and choose the appropriate digital marketing channels. 
Ready to conquer your online share?
I'd love to tell you more about how I create a website for you, one that aligns with your online marketing goals.

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Collaborations of MediaBrix
Companies I've worked with? Collaborations such as Qollect and Croonwolter & Dros with companies from various industries, both in the Netherlands and internationally. 

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