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Written By Danny
Last updated 25/02/2021

How to edit mobile version of wordpress website

There it is, after sweat, tears and hard work your WordPress website is finally finished, right?

But then you discover that your website isn't mobile responsive...

Elements are everywhere, images cover the entire screen and the content is nowhere to be seen.

This is not only disastrous for your visitor experience, but also for your search engine optimisation!

Now you're left with the question, "How do I edit WordPress mobile!"

I'll tell you how. There are 3 different places Where you could/should make your website mobile responsive. To give you a little spoiler, it's pretty simple!

WordPress mobile editing in the Customizer

To edit only mobile and/or tablet repsonsive settings in your theme go to Appearence' > 'Customizer'.

Now select the mobile or tablet icon instead of the monitor.

You'll see that most of the changes you make after selecting a different icon will be for that device only.

The changes you make in WordPress settings with a small device icon behind it, are only applied to that device.

Edit mobile version with Elementor

Pages built with Elementor have many editable features for mobile, tablet and desktop. The most common are: text, margin and padding.

To view your page from another device, click on the desktop icon below and choose the device you want to edit/view.

When you are in this view, most changes you make will only apply to this device. This is also indicated by a small mobile or tablet icon!

It is possible to hide/show different sections, elements and columns for each device in Elementor.

  1. Go to Settings > Advanced (with the little cogwheel) > Responsive
  2. Choose whether to hide or show an element for mobile, tablet or desktop

Edit mobile version with Beaver Builder

Optimizing Beaver Builder pages for mobile/tablet is fairly similar to Elementor.

Open it menu > choose reponsive editing > choose a device that you want to optimize.


Like the others... Beaver Builder also displays a device icon for settings that are customized just for that device.

As you can see, the answer to the question, "How to edit mobile verion of WordPress?" is pretty simple. The biggest challenge is to design it beautifully for each device.

There are also a number of plugins that can help you with your mobile responsive journey. Just make sure you check out how to use WordPress plugins first ? .

Good luck with WordPress mobile editing!

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