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Do you want a professional commission a website? One that does help you get clients? Then you're in the right place. We make super fast websites that are ready to score in Google and match the identity of your company!

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Why a MediaBrix website?
At MediaBrix you don't just get a 'nice website' or a 'good website'. We make websites that help you find your website, are super fast and convert. For this we work with the content management system WordPress. Not with a regular theme or page builder like most websites. We strip the theme and empty WordPress completely.

Then we build the pages from scratch, making sure your website is super fast and easy to find.
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In 30 minutes I'll explain which type of site is best for you and the price tag that comes with it.
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One pager

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Custom design
Conversion optimized
A super fast loading time
Responsive (desktop, tablet and mobile)
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Custom website

Custom design
Conversion optimized
A super fast loading time
Responsive (desktop, tablet and mobile)
Ready to score in Google
100% in your possession
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sell more products

Custom made webshop

Add products easily
Custom design
Conversion optimized
A super fast loading time
Responsive (desktop, tablet and mobile)
Ready to score in Google
100% in your possession
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Mediabrix goes beyond standard web design

More than just web development

A good website is more than just webbuilding/webdesign. That's why we like to support you - if needed of course - with more than just a website. 

Catchy texts

Do you want to bring in online customers? Then you need good texts on your site. We'll be happy to work with you on catchy SEO texts.

Logo and corporate identity

Do you already have a corporate identity and logo? Or are they ready for a new look? We gladly support you in creating a suitable style.

Photography and icons

Good photos and icons are crucial for a good website. We are happy to help you pick and create photos and icons

Making a website: costs

What the design and build of your website costs, is of course very dependent on what you are looking for. 

How much custom work is needed, extra functions or do you have a website with more than 200 pages? Of course, this all plays into the costs. 

Curious about what a new website would cost for you? Please fill in the contact form, we will be happy to tell you more. 

What is the working method of MediaBrix?

We divide the building of your website in 4 phases.

1. Brainstorm session
2. Concept design
3. The construction of the website 
4. Final checks 

First we look together at where you want to go with your website and what design fits that. Then we make a concept design that we check together and then we build the website. 

Once the website is built, we walk through it together and there is room to adjust some things.

Can I customize the website myself?

Yes you are! WordPress makes it (reasonably) easy to make changes to your website yourself. 

We are also happy to provide a training or consultation to walk you and/or your colleagues through the backend of your website.

In which CMS do you make the website?

The websites we create are built in CMS (content management system) WordPress. This is the world's most widely used CMS and is very user friendly.

People sometimes complain about the speed of WordPress. This is not due to WordPress itself! It is the fault of the web builder! With my method you will not have this problem. 

How does my website get so fast?

Most WordPress sites are slow. These websites are built with too heavy a theme, too slow page builders and too many plugins.

We remove the theme, use as few plugins as possible and use a drag and drop coding tool. This way your site remains lightweight, but you keep the ease of WordPress.

Why MediaBrix?

We believe that you can get the most out of your company if you know where your strengths lie. Our expertise? Making your company findable online, without compromising on design or branding. You are the expert in your field, so let's join forces!

How do we approach specific tasks? We'll be happy to tell you all about it over a good cup of coffee.
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