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Conquer your number 1 position in search engines like Google, increase your visitor numbers and become the online authority within your niche, city and maybe even country. How? With search engine optimization (SEO).
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what is SEO/ search engine optimization?

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization or SEO, what is that exactly? It actually includes all activities that contribute to better scoring in search engines like Google. Think of optimizing content, technical SEO and gaining authority.
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How does search engine optimization work?

This is how you can score high in Google

These are a number of important tasks that we will take up when optimizing your website.

Keyword research

Your pages need to be set up for keywords. We do need to research which ones we can target first.

Website speed

Does your website load fast enough in the eyes of Google? Slow websites are punished with bad rankings.

Content plan

In addition to optimizing service pages, we're also going to leverage new content and opportunities to be found.

Site structure

The structure of your site is important for search engines and visitors. How do you organize clusters, taxonomies and breadcrumbs?  

Technical site audit

We are going to look at the technical condition of your website. Can your pages be crawled by the search engines?

Semantic SEO

We will supplement pages with semantic words. That way, search engines will know exactly what your pages are about!

Meta data analysis

Are all your title tags and meta descriptions in order? We'll check them out for a high CTR and Google.

Domain Authority

Without domain authority, you're not going to score in Google. How do you get it? By getting backlinks from quality sites. 

Internal link structure

Already busy getting backlinks and authority? If you don't have your internal link structure in order you are practically throwing money away!

What does SEO cost?

Well... A difficult question to which I can't give a concrete answer. It depends on the state of your website, the issue you have and the ambitions and goals of your company.

I would be happy to make it more concrete for you over a good cup of coffee!

Why search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization - or SEO - is one of the best 'tools' businesses have in gaining online visibility!

It gives you the opportunity to get more visitors through 'free', organic search results. 

Are you on top? 

Then it only requires maintenance and thus a much lower time investment than obtaining the spot. This way we can invest time in ever new keywords and thus grow exponentially!

The largest search engine, Google (with about 95% market share), ranks websites based on specific parameters. They do this without 'cost' to the website owners. 

What is the working method of MediaBrix?

The SEO or search engine optimization of your website is approached in 4 phases. 

Phase 1 Strategy & Preconditions
We look at which keywords you need to score for and how we are going to approach that. We will also set up all preconditions such as must have pages, tools and a content plan. 

Phase 2 Technique & structure
We are going to tackle the technology of your website. Can your pages be indexed and are all tags set correctly? We will tackle the navigation and structure of your website.

Phase 3 On-going content
To achieve exponential growth with SEO, we need to start posting content systematically. Of course, this is done on keywords and based on search intent, competitor analysis and semantic optimisations. 

Phase 4 On-going authority
In addition to continuing to provide quality content, authority is a crucial part of SEO. This is unfortunately not a one-time-fix, but an ongoing process of maintaining and increasing your online visibility.

Can I hire you for a specific SEO issue?


You can contact me for various SEO issues! For example:

- Backlink Acquisition
- Technical Support
- Content optimization
- Keyword research
- (SEO) website migration

And pretty much any SEO specific issue. Send me a message if you are curious if I can help with your problem!

Why MediaBrix?

I believe you can get the most out of your business if you know where your strengths lie. My expertise? Making your business findable online, without compromising on design or branding. You are the expert in your field, so let's join forces!

If there is something outside my expertise, then I'll be happy to link up with my network in marketing for you.

How do I approach specific tasks? I'll be happy to tell you all about it over a good cup of coffee.
How is your website doing?
Curious how your website is doing? I will gladly make an SEO analysis of your website!

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